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Featured Local Band:

This month, our featured local band is The Farmer’s Daughters. We are proud to have them listed on our website, and glad to have them as our featured local band of the month!


The Farmer’s Daughters may have a new look. But, don’t let that fool you…TFD’s Owner & Veteran Vocalist- Lady Jo, has upped the ante, by adding 2 fresh vocalists. Lindsey Lou of Harris, MN, and Miss Sheila Rae of Cambridge, MN.  When you see them in concert now, you would’ve never known that just a few months ago they’d experienced their first stage performance with a live band!  In less than a month, this group evolved into one of the top entertaining country shows MN, WI & ND has to offer.

The Farmer’s Daughters individual and collective sound combined with extraordinary multi-talented, musicians listed herein: Darren Hensel – Lead Guitar & Vocals.  John Christenson – Percussion & Backup Vocals. Mitchel Benson – Bassist; will give you something to believe in! Don’t just take our word for it! Check them out yourself, you won’t regret it.

Coming this June, TFD celebrates their 2nd year in the Twin Cities music scene. This country group is ready to hit the road and is looking forward to reaching as far as Iowa and Canada this year.

Working toward the same goals set out in the original line up in 2014, TFD is striving to be the next top regional act of 2016 and is doing a fine job at making their mark and building a faithful fan base.

The Farmer’s Daughters together with producer Collin Kadlec, are defining their sound and are now in pursuit of talented songwriters to assist them in creating an unforgettable album.

For more details about The Farmer’s Daughter’s, click here.